• It’s a network of structures, channels and underground pipes that carry stormwater (rain water) to ponds, lakes, streams and rivers. The network consists of both public and private systems.
  • It’s an integral part of the stormwater management system in the borough that is designed to control the quantity, quality, timing and distribution of storm runoff.  All stormwater in the borough eventually flows to the Delaware River.
  • It’s not part of the wastewater (sanitary sewer) system, which carries water and waste from drains (sinks, bathtubs, showers, etc.) and toilets to a treatment plant to be treated and filtered. Stormwater does not flow to a treatment plant.


The borough maintains the public storm drainage system contained within dedicated storm drainage easements. The New Jersey Department of Transportation maintains the storm systems on the White Horse Pike. Camden County maintains the storm system on Evesham Ave, Warwick Rd., and Atlantic Ave. There are also numerous private systems that are the responsibility of private property owners, including driveway culverts and storm retention basins.


The borough is responsible for maintaining the public drainage system and structures within the storm drainage easement to allow for proper function of the system.

Property owners are responsible for:

  • routine grounds maintenance such as grass mowing and trash/debris removal – owners should ensure that systems and structures are kept free of yard waste (grass clippings, tree trimmings, leaves) or other obstructions that may block the flow of water;
  • trees, shrubs and other growth within easements;
  • driveways and their associated culverts or bridges;

If you have a public drainage system and structures on your property please verify that you have an easement with the Borough. It should be shown on your survey.



  • For maintenance of borough storm drains, assistance in determining who maintains a storm drain, and questions about storm drainage easements, please contact Public Works at (856) 784-1520 x300.
  • Driveway culverts (pipes under driveways that connect the storm drain system on either side) are not part of the public system; they are the property owner’s responsibility.
  • Private drainage systems (e.g., driveway culverts/bridges, downspouts, etc.) and ground water are the property owner’s responsibility.  Drainage directed from gutters, downspouts or other private systems to neighboring properties is a civil matter between the property owners.


  • For life threatening emergencies, dial 911.
  • To report storm flooding during regular business hours, call the Public Works Department at (856) 783-1520 x300.
  • For after-hours storm flooding emergencies that are not life threatening, call the 24-hour Camden County Dispatch, and state that you are reporting a storm sewer emergency. 1-856-783-1333.
  • For sanitary sewer flooding, call the 24-hour pager at (609) 868-2552.


  • Keep storm drains free of litter and debris. Do not rake or dump grass clippings or leaves into the storm drainage system.
  • Keep the area easily accessible in case repairs or maintenance are necessary.
  • Do not place sheds or other permanent structures in the easement or on top of drainage structures.
  • Apply pesticides and fertilizers several days before rain is forecast; if applied right before a rain, most of it will just wash off and end up in a storm drain.
  • Never dump pet waste, used motor oil, paint, chemicals or other substances into a storm drain.
  • Report dumping or spilling of hazardous materials into a drainage system to the Fire and Rescue Department: 911;
  • Swimming pools should never be drained into storm drains, water shall be pumped into sanitary sewer system by clean put access.

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