Checks should be made payable to the Borough of Magnolia.  DO NOT POST DATE CHECKS, THEY WILL BE RETURNED
Payments may also be placed in the black drop box located on the wall by the door outside the Police Department entrance.  
If you wish to pay online through your own bank please note the following:
Online payments are not electronic transfers. Your bank mails the Borough a physical check.  The Tax Office is mandated by State statute to use the date the payment is received as the date of payment, not the postmark or date on the check.  Please check your bank’s policy on delivery times to avoid late interest charges.  Most banks recommend scheduling payment on or before the due date (the 1st) in order for payment to be received within the grace period.
The Office of the Collector is also responsible for the billing and collection of utility charges. These charges are semi-annual, due March 1, and September 1 as directed by Borough Ordinances.  If a prior year’s utility charges remain unpaid by December 31, they are subject to the same tax sale law as for taxes.
Please note this bill is in addition to the quarterly CCMUA (Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority) each property receives. The Borough's bill is for maintenance of the sewer system within Magnolia and the CCMUA billing is for the waste treatment center.
Tax Assessment Appeals
FAQ – Should I file an Appeal?  You cannot file an appeal because you think your taxes are too high, only if you think your assessment is too high. Your assessment should be no higher than the fair market value of your property, so before you decide to file an appeal you should know the value of your property on the current market, and be able to support that value using sales of comparable properties.  Below are links to a brochure with more information and to the appeal forms with instructions.
Change of Address
The Municipal Assessor controls the records for the mailing address of all property owners in the Township. This is where your tax and sewer bills will be sent, and any other mail sent by the Township. The address used is the same as the address which appears on your recorded deed when you purchase the property. If you want to change where your mail is sent, you must complete and return the form below. You may be required to show authorization to sign for a corporation, partnership, or trust.  


Veterans with 100% Wartime, Service Connected Disability
Senior/Disabled and Veteran Deductions
Each deduction is $250.00 deducted from your tax bill on an annual basis.  Eligibility requirements and instructions are contained within each application. Supplemental Income Form must be submitted with the Senior/Disabled/Surviving Spouse Form. The Annual Income Statement for Approved Senior/Disabled Deduction must be submitted annually to the Tax Collector once your deduction is approved in order to maintain it.
Property Tax Relief

Taxpayer Bill of Rights

Please click on the link for more information about Taxpayer Bill of Rights.


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