In Magnolia, we work hard to keep our neighborhoods looking great!
Help our community stay clean and green on trash collection day and throughout the week. Trash and recyclable materials should be placed at the curb in a can no bigger than 32 gallons, between 7:00 PM the night before collection and 6:00 AM on collection day. Please respect your neighbors by removing the empty containers by no later than 7:00 PM that day.
PUBLIC NOTICE: refrigerators, air conditioning units, propane tanks and other items containing freon are no longer acceptable in trash or bulk pick-up.

Yard Waste beginning April 1, 2024, yard waste will be collected every Monday.

Place curbside in open containers or tied bundles (weighing less than 50-pounds). Blue recycling buckets can be used for leaves and grass only. No plastic bags. If you would like to bag your yard waste, please do so in a brown, biodegradable bag. Cut and tie brush into bundles no longer than 6 feet and no heavier than 50 pounds. Place bundles neatly on the park strip with any other yard waste.


Brush and the vegetative will also be picked up on Monday. Cut and tie into bundles no longer than 4 feet and no heavier than 50 pounds. 


Spring Leaf Collection - Monday, April 15, 2024 - Friday, May 10,2024

Fall Leaf CollectionCollected every other Monday beginning November 21, 2024 on the east side of railroad and alternating with the west side

Rake leaves to the area between the curb and sidewalk

Leaves should be raked into one or two large piles rather than several small piles

Please do not bag leaves, we cannot vacuum bagged leaves

Please do not mix brush or vines with leaves. During leaf collection season, the Public Works Department does not chip brush. 


Trash Guidelines - Need a new recycling can? Please call (856) 784-6162. Request is limited to 2 per household.

  • Trash cans cannot exceed 32 gallons (cannot weigh over 50 pounds)
  • Trash, recycling, and newspapers should be placed curbside between 7:00 PM the night before collection and 6:00 AM the day of collection.
  • Latex and oil base paints need be dry prior to placing at curb alongside trash; fill container with kitty litter.

  • Oil/concrete should be placed out to curb on trash day and will be collected by weeks end.
  • Trash should be placed in plastic or metal containers to prevent animals from tearing through plastic bags
  • Paint cans need to be dried out
  • Carpet should be cut and tied into 4-foot bundles not exceeding 50 pounds each.
  • Discarded wood should be cut and tied into 6-foot bundles not exceeding 50 pounds each. Nails should be removed or flattened against the surface to prevent injury to collection personnel.
  • Railroad ties need to be cut under 6-feet in length and must weigh less than 50 pounds.
  • Private contractors must independently dispose of any construction waste or demolition debris that their business generates.
  • Empty cans should be removed from the curbside by 7:00 PM on collection day.
Trash Schedule 

Trash & Recycle Sectors


Recycling Guidelines

Single Stream Recycling Guidelines

Glass, aluminum, tin, and plastics #1, and #2 plastic food and beverage containers (caps removed), newspapers, office paper, magazines and corrugated cardboard (small enough to fit in a container) should be placed in the designated blue recycling containers provided by the Borough. Paper and cardboard no longer need to be separated from glass, aluminum, and plastic.

Acceptable single-stream materials included: aluminum food and beverage containers; clear, brown, and green glass containers (rinsed out completely); ferrous cans (i.e., soup, coffee, etc.); #1, and #2 plastic food and beverage containers (caps removed and rinsed) (i.e., milk, water jugs, detergent, and shampoo containers); old newspaper (including Sunday inserts), craft paper bags, corrugated containers, soda/beer wrappers, six-pack containers, cereal boxes, and magazines.

Unacceptable commingled materials include coat hangers, pizza boxes, plastic bags, pots and pans, metal household items, #3 and above plastics, ceramics, light bulbs, dishes, drinking glasses, mirrors, window glass, antifreeze bottles, used oil containers, syringes, buckets, laundry baskets, 5-gallon containers, and styrofoam.



  • Put out on trash day and picked up weekly

Electronic devices, including, computers, keyboards, VCRs, scanners, DVD players, tape players, monitors, stereo equipment, typewriters, printers, TVs, laptops, modems, telecommunication equipment, fax machines, mouses, radios, answering machines, and telephones can be placed curbside on trash day and will be collected separately within the week.


Appliances and Bulk Metal

Appliances and bulk metal are picked up with your regular trash. Place items curbside. Doors from appliances should be removed before placing the item curbside.


Pot Holes

Residents who encounter potholes on borough streets should call Public Works at (856) 784-6162 to report the location.



After Hours Emergencies Should be Reported to (609) 868-2552.

Call the Sewer Department at (609) 868-2552 when you have a sewer blockage BEFORE calling your plumber.

By following the rules listed below, you can save yourself a call to the plumber.

  • Do not deposit coffee grounds or grease drippings into your sink or toilet.

  • Do not deposit anything other than bathroom tissue into your toilet bowl.


How to report a street light out to PSEG

Call 1-800-436-PSEG (7734) or visit the following link: REPORT OUTAGE

You will need to provide 2 out of the following 3 pieces of identifying information: the nearest cross street, pole number, and/or nearest address

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